Apr 30
Willem de Zwijgerlaan afgesloten

​Mocht u morgen vanaf de Hoge Zijde van Alphen komen of via de N11, dan moet u weten dat de Willem de Zwijgerlaan is afgesloten. Er staat wel een omleiding aangegeven, maar deze geeft een lange omweg met veel stoplichten.

Komende vanaf de Hoge Zijde is het het beste om de Hefbrug te nemen (die is weer open).

Vanaf de N11 neemt u afrit 2 (Alphen a/d Rijn Oost/N207)

Mar 17
Foutje op de kaart voor de genodigden om 13:00

​Al lees je het 20 keer na; uiteindelijk blijf je blind voor de fouten in je eigen tekst.

Op de kaart staat in de 3e alinea:

"Om 13:00 uur zal het kerkelijk ....". Dat moet natuurlijk om 15:15 zijn.

Geen idee hoe dat fout is gegaan, gelukkig staat hier een tabel met de juiste tijden.

Mar 08
Roel en Gina gaan trouwen

​Op 1 mei 2015 (1-5-15; 1515) zullen Roel en Gina gaan trouwen. Voor meer informatie zie: de 1515 pagina op deze site.

De uitnodigingen zullen in de komende week (van 09-03 tot 13-03) verstuurd worden.

Feb 07
Save the Date


Oct 08
A new start

This site has not been updated for quite a while. The reason was obvious of course. After loosing my wife Annemieke, I was very busy reorganizing my life and making sure that my son Tim still had a a real home.

We managed, we even did well. But this would not have been possible without outside support, especially from my parents. They gave Tim the feeling of having 3 parents, instead of 1. This left me some very needed time to recover.

Almost a year ago Tim, my dad and me went to New Zealand to close this chapter in our lives and spread Annemieke's ashes on Eatwell's lookout. During that Holiday I also got into contact with a new friend, who has now been my girlfriend for almost a year. Last year we have spent getting to know eachother (Tim included). We have now reached a phase that we are seriously working on unifying our households. Looks like we will be a family!

To visualize the new situation, I have given the website a very much needed overhaul. The target was to get it up to date and to minimize the effort of running a site. I have better things to do (smiling happily now...).

All content with regard to Annemieke has moved to a special "Annemieke" section, so that she will not be forgotten. In this section you will find all kinds of information, including a history of the place where we scattered her ashes.

The picture section has disappeared, since starting a website in 2003, a lot of web services have emerged that are much better at hosting pictures that my own site could ever be. I will just link to these sites whenever I have something to show.

See you later...

Aug 16
Fight Against Melanoma

​On October 9, my sister Femke ran a half marathon (her first) in commemoration of my late wife Annemieke. Annemieke's best friend Marieke wanted to run this marathon as well, but she injured herself during training and was unable to run the marathon. Both have trained hard for this purpose. Femke will ran the marathon on Annemieke's brand new running shoes, which she bought just before she died. She did a couple of runs on them at the most. Marieke was supposed to wear Annemieke's running gear,

By doing the half marathon Femke and Marieke wanted to collect money to donate to the "Antoni van Leeuwenhoek" hospital. The money will be spent on research on melanoma. This research is conducted by the professor who was responsible for treating Annemieke in the last month of her life. In my conversations with him, I found him very enthusiastic about his research and het really hated it, that he could do nothing for her, though the current state of his research looked very promising.

Femke and Marieke did their best to help along that research in their way, so that one day, we will not lose any friends and family, to this awful disease.

Their target was to collect at least 3000 euros. They not only succeeded in reaching that target, but they even surpassed by 17%!

On behalf of all victims of this terrible disease; Thank you very much!